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At Pro Mix Global, we take pride in working directly with you to achieve the sound quality your project deserves. The global part of PMG means that we are prepared to aid in your project’s development from anywhere in the world.
Our studio and team has worked with creators all over the globe and continue to deliver professional quality at a cost and time effective rate.
With a hand picked team that is well versed in knowledge, skill and experience; you have nothing to worry about. Your art is in good hands.

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JP Engineerin
JP Engineerin
Studio Owner | Head Engineer Executive Producer
Studio Owner | Producer‚Äč | Engineer

I've worked with worked Trendz now for over three years now and the growth and progression I have witnessed in his craft as well as professional career have been astonishing to say the least. Dedicated to the quality of the product is key when it comes to Trendz and thats what every artists needs. If your looking to get to the next level then PMG studios is the place for you

Sean Sea

The very first person that comes to mind when I want to record or get a beat, Trendz is one of the most underrated Engineers and Producers not only in ATL but in general. Very professional , very dope, always a pleasure to work with on numerous occasions. If you want your sound A1 holla at Trendz!


JP is definitely the one to see if you want that high top notch professional quality you will hear on your local radio still yet at a great affordable price. I'm in the works of getting a project done now and he mix/mastered every song you will hear on my up and coming mixtape. He is someone great to work with & I guarantee you won't regret your choice once it's made.

Jermaine Nauti Wave